Abby Riddell: Welcome to Team Serendipity!

We’re now almost midway through yet another exciting week of planning, writing and recording and we have some very exciting news to share: Team Serendipity welcomes Abby Riddell!

We are absolutely delighted to be working with Abby, she is an amazingly talented singer who brings yet another unique voice into #TeamSerendipity and to the musical in general. We’re really looking forward to developing the character she plays in conjunction with yet another wonderful collaborative artist.

Abby will be playing the part of Ella, which is a really important role that the Creative Team wanted to cast perfectly, she’s a really wonderful character and Abby brings everything that the team could have wished for. To tell us more about the character Ella, our lyricist Sam writes:

Ella is fantastic character, complex, but with a shy and introverted nature. She works as personal assistant to the Editor-in-Chief at the West End Echo and has had an unrequited crush on him since she took the job. Ella is best friends with Sophie and her quiet mannered nature together with Sophie’s extroverted character creates the perfect friendship balance. Generally, Ella is scared to make big things happen in her life, and has preferred to live in the fantasies she creates in her mind. However, Ella has an amazing and giving character just waiting to burst out, if only she could just articulate and focus herself. Something’s bound to give, and how long can she go on this way?

We’re currently working on the recording of Abby’s first song in the musical: ‘Always Outside, Looking In’. It is an absolute stunner of a track which we feel suits Abby really well. We wish we could show you the first demos from this week, but you’ll have to wait just a tiny bit longer! It’ll be worth waiting for though, coming very soon. We’ll tell you what the writers said when they heard it earlier…in true #TeamSerendipity style: It. Is. AWESOME!

In the meantime, you can find more out about Abby online: on YouTube, Instagram and FaceBook.

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