The Creative Team: Update

Remember we were talking about standing at crossroads a week ago? Well, we’ve decided to take the third route. It is for the absolute best for this project.


Part of this means that we have decided that we are now planning to stage this musical ourselves, if anything, to properly test out how it all works and how it is received before the musical hopefully gets taken on.


In order to do this, we want to really refine the story and focus on the libretto and dramatic content before we do anything further. We felt that we really needed another person on the creative team, a specialist, and someone who will look at things from a director’s point of view. As luck would have it, we had the perfect person for the job on TeamSerendipity already, albeit as a performer, and Sam and Chris felt this person was the best person to collaborate with as a writer now too.


So, without further ado. We welcome Chris Collington to the creative team!  Exciting times ahead. More news soon.



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