Crowdfunding Relaunch

This project has only been made possible through the support of a great number of wonderfully supportive, forward thinking crowdfunders and patrons. The creative team are just musicians, we may work full time, but sadly music careers don’t leave much cash left over for projects such as After it Rains! So this is where our followers and backers come in. We simply could do as much without you, you enable the project to be so, so, much bigger and better.
Developing a musical is a costly experience and the initial crowdfunding campaign raised enough money to enable us to pay for domain names, webhosting and design software, new studio software and equipment, graphic designers for custom work, video and publishing equipment and lighting, and put us in the position where we have all the infrastructure to take the project to the next level.
Anything you can help with at all would be massively appreciated and helps us to raise the levels at which can produce work, by getting the right gear, or specialist help etc. Your contribution makes a massive difference to the project.
The most direct way to help is to donate via Paypal or via the GoFundMe campaign. We can also accept donations via bank transfer (please contact us for details) or in person. We would humbly accept anything you can give, no matter how small or large, to help us get this project completed. Should you wish to claim a ‘reward’ for your backing, we have three levels:
  • £15 (CD Album or Download)
  • £50 (Listed Patron on Site + CD)
  • £100 (Song dedication on the sheet music + copy of the score)*
Limited numbers  – delivery date TBC when we get there!
Please help us to take this to the next level which is the full online showcase of the music with audio recordings and videos of songs and scenes, help us to show you (and the wider world) just how good this musical is.
Love to all

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