Enter Stage Left: A New Character

Wow, what a busy week. Following on from our first recording last week, things have moved up a gear it seems. Many of the songs are now in various stages of development or waiting for recording, and we have got new members of #TeamSerendipity to announce!

This week we welcomed the first in a stream of new singers to play our principal characters, with more coming next week! We’d like to introduce you to soprano Sarah Carlin who will be playing the role of Charlotte.


Sam and Sarah

We’re delighted to welcome Sarah to #TeamSerendipity, she has a fantastic voice and will bring a lot of musical theatre experience to the part. Now, the character Charlotte is a bit of an enigma at first, and due to her interconnected storyline we can’t tell you a lot about her history….just yet anyway! Here’s Sam to tell you a bit about the character:

Charlotte is a confident, and at times fiery, young woman, she went to school with Sophie and has been a loyal friend ever since. Charlotte holds a lot of secrets, and in particular keeps one part of her history a mystery. Like many of the characters in Serendipity she is in some way connected to the newspaper, the West End Echo, which she started at on a work experience internship at many years ago when she was much younger.

Charlotte’s love and home life is both complicated and simple. She’s a ‘one man’ woman and she’s been in a long relationship with him, however, she’s not the only one, and she knows it. She’d love to see her dedication and loyalty reciprocated and lives in hope that one day this might just happen. She craves the good life that she sees in others’ lives around her, but what is she willing to do to ensure that this ends up being her destiny? 

The writing team absolutely love the character of Charlotte, she’s complicated and really gets to show off her personality in a song that we’ll be releasing in the next few weeks. It is an absolute belter of a song; tragic and full of passion, yet also really funny and the audience will be sat glued to see what she comes out with next. Watch this space!

In the meantime. A plea to you all! Please, help us spread the word about the musical by sharing social media links, or by directing people that love musical theatre to our website: www.serendipitymusical.com or to the West End Echo.

Most importantly, anything you can do to help us finance the project will be very gratefully received. We have a GoFundMe campaign (www.gofundme.com/serendipitymusical) with a range of 20 reward levels. And you can also donate via Paypal and directly in person. Just get in touch. We need you to help make this happen.

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