Fifty Ways: Back in the Studio

There’s a small concert coming up in April which some of #TeamSerendipity are performing in, so we’re going to test out some numbers on an unsuspecting audience. Part of this means that Rihanna who’s new to the team will be performing one of Charlotte’s songs. As preparation, we’ve gone back into the studio to do another test recording (hopefully we’ll be able to share the whole thing with you very soon) but she really does nail this song.


The song is called Fifty Ways to Kill Your Lover’s Lover and sees Charlotte musing over her dilemma. She’s consumed with jealousy as the man she’s been seeing for quite some time (Harvey), is married. Whilst she seems to overlook the fact that he should be remedying this situation, one way or another, Charlotte is so blinded by her wish to be with him that she resolves that it would probably just be easier to kill off the wife (Emelia) and so embarks on a song which has been described by the writers, Chris and Sam, as “Charlotte getting progressively more unhinged as she lists ways in which she can get rid of Emelia”. Sam mentioned that on the brainstorming session for ridiculous ways to bump someone off, she was genuinely shocked at how easy it was for Chris to reel off unhinged criminal ideas!


I love this song, and can’t wait to share a demo with you, there’s so much going off, so many great lines. I’ll leave you with one of my favourite lines:


“I could push her down some stairs, off a cliff, out a plane, or inject some liquid nitrogen and watch it freeze her brain!

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