Finding the Fun in Fundraising

What a great morning! Ahead of our fundraising concert to be held at All Saints Church, Annesley at 7pm on Saturday 21st April, we decided to have an impromptu fundraising session and general mess around at a coffee morning this morning (many thanks to the church for hosting us).


Whilst we’ve had a busy week with the planning and development continuing behind the scenes, today was a very welcome break to just have some fun. It’s also a timely reminder of how wonderful it is to have musical friends to rely on and to share a laugh and spend some time performing together. TeamSerendipity; together we can do great things!


Many thanks to Keri Degg and Kenn Handley for their time today. #blessed #friends

(L/R) Chris Lawry, Keri Degg, Kenn Handley (top half!), Samantha Joy (top half!)

Many thanks also to Brian Staton for proving that you don’t need and app or a filter on an iPhone to totally balls up a shot! #skills #steadyhands

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