First Demo Song Recorded: Good Things Happen

It was an exciting day on 14th February, we got to record the very first song demo of the musical! Now these demos aren’t the finished songs, they are a way for the writers to test what works and what doesn’t work, to find out what needs changing and to test potential orchestrations (the music-y bits!). Additionally, the demos help the performers get an idea of what the writers are aiming for. Normally, you wouldn’t get to hear these demos as everything is done behind-the-scenes and not shown to the public. However as you’re part of #TeamSerendipity, you get to follow the progress of everything! However, this does mean you’ll have to use a bit of imagination to picture the final recording.

We toyed with the idea of what to record first: solo, duet, chorus number, something uptempo, something a bit more comical? In the end, we just went for the first completed song, which is a barnstormer of a solo.

The song is called ‘Good Things Happen To Those Who Wait’ and is sung by principal character Sophie. Sophie is a key part of the story, she is linked to every other character for reason or another; a central hub in an interconnected world. Perhaps it would help if we reveal a bit about Sophie and why she’s singing this number. Sam writes:

Meet Sophie, she is a 25 (soon to be 26) year old, who is a bundle of energy and love. A self-confessed home bird she also runs a successful business and has a hectic life full of family and friends. She longs to settle down and start a family with the man of her dreams and have a child of her own. However, destiny keeps having other plans for her! In this song, Sophie expresses her frustration about how life is treating her and about how she longs to be a mother. This song follows a really interesting scene [which we can’t divulge just yet!], but you get to see the aftermath, a glimpse of the torment that she is putting herself through. Hear the mantra of hope she repeats to herself: “good things happen to those who wait…”


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