First Song Performances!

Team Serendipity had a fab night last night, with Sam and Chris joining with development cast members Sarah Carlin and Ben Duffin, along with several talented young performers, to have some fun and help raise some funds towards the musical development costs.


Ever the believer of ‘Make a Feature Out Of a F***-up’ (Chris Lawry’s Rule #2), with the difficulty in programming such a diverse range of music, he let the audience pick the order, but not in any normal sense. Random audience members were asked after each song to choose, and pop, one of the many coloured balloons dotted around the room, with each balloon containing a piece of paper with the name of the next performer and song. That way, if the audience didn’t like the programming, it was their fault, they ‘picked’ it after all!


The highlights of the evening were, according to the masses, the young performers, Sam and Sarah’s version of Rossini’s Cat Duet, and the two new numbers from Serendipity that were premiered. The first was the solo song “Good Things Happen to Those Who Wait” and the second was the duet “Moving On” which raised the roof.


Looking forward, we’re planning on recording and sharing some of these live performances to share on this blog and beyond. Watch this space.

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