Impossible to Me

We’ve been having a lovely time at Serendipity Productions this last month, with the reboot started, planning meetings, a potential new song on the way and lots of demo recordings.


These demos give us a chance to try out the vocals and basic piano parts, which when set, helps Chris L finish the PVG sheet music and start doing the orchestrations.


We thought we’d share one with you, a song called ‘Impossible to Me’ which Leila and Charlotte sings (sung here by Leila and Sam). A bit of background: Leila’s being almost completely ignored by her mother Charlotte, who is totally preoccupied with trying to get her man, Harvey. Leila has had enough, she’s feeling neglected and let down and she just wants her mum back. Charlotte hears Leila singing about how she wants to fix their life and realises that she needs to make some serious changes and focus on what’s important in her life.


Orchestrated demo to follow soon, along with lyrics, sheet music and the dialogue that’ll be in the middle of the song (where there’s currently a little gap!).


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