Introducing a New Character & Singer: Ben Duffin

Another week at Serendipity, another cast member; please welcome Ben Duffin to the the team! Ben will be lending his vocal talents to the role of George, and his character now fills one of the first ‘loops’ of our plot map:

Sam explains a bit about the character:

George is a 26 year old aspiring senior editor who currently works as a junior at the West End Echo. He is as ambitious as they come yet lacks the fire and confidence to forge his own path in both the industry he works in and also his own love life. His two best friends are Sophie and Ella and he’s been hiding something from them both for years. Find out what soon! Will this be the year that George finally makes ‘good thing happen’ or is he destined to stay in the shadow of his superiors?


George is a really interesting character, and his story is very sweet and heartwarming, yet he gets an awful lot of stress and abuse whilst working at the West End Echo which keeps him thinking he’s never going to amount to anything. The first song for George was also completed this month. It’s Time for Me to Shine is a fantastic old-school musical  theatre song and dance set piece, and is really quite tongue in cheek in style…well, I mean, our subtitle for the song is ‘Grow a Pair’ which about sums it up! More on this soon.


In the meantime:

Please help us spread the word about our funding campaign to finance the costs of the demo cast album recording. You can find out more information here:

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