“Language Timothy!”

Interesting conversation in Serendipity Central this week. The question arose about how far you can push the language used in a mainstream musical. Should it even matter? Of course, there are many how don’t like swearing/cussing/vulgarity, but surely, that language has its place in any story. It is part of life around us. Not normalising it, but rather choosing language appropriate to the character. Besides which, there’s always an appropriate moment for shock in musical theatre, whether for comedy or other purposes (thinking ‘The Internet is for Porn‘ song from Avenue Q for a start!). Anyway, that’s an aside but one we’ll continue to come back to in the blogs as we discuss lyrics and plot.


However, there’s always a more refined way to do anything and this week we’ve been pruning a little bit of language by tweaking a song for the character George, It’s Time For Me To Shine, which is now affectionately among the creative team subtitled ‘Grow a Pair’; a nicely cheeky resolution our lyrical conundrum. The reason for the revision is that we’ve got Harry in the studio, recording a new test track for the song, and what a voice this young man has, if he’s not snapped up by a theatre company soon, I’d be amazed.


The song is sung by the character George, who is the junior editor at the West End Echo newspaper. I love this number as it is very old-school musical theatre; what can make a number more light heartedly cheeky that a new take on a Charleston? Anyway, poor George is constantly being ground down, embarrassed, belittled, overworked and generally bullied by his boss, the editor, Harvey van Ewer. In this song, he’s realised that it’s time he grew ‘a pair’ and finally found some confidence to be the man he wants to be. But will it work? We’ll see! Hope to share the audio with you soon.

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