Plot Manoeuvres

This month has been focussing on starting to refine and redraft the libretto with our writing team. This process is much like military manoeuvres or moving pieces around on a chess board. We’ve got a cast of fabulous characters and a great storyline, but what can we do to bring out the most in what we have? One of the fascinating things is the effect moving a storyline from one character to another has on the overall plot; small changes can make huge differences and, in turn, can cause you to need to make further changes to reinforce what you’re implementing.


In the first round of story tweaks, we’ve deepened some of the characters, in particular, our bad guy has just got much, much worse (details soon!) and the effect he has on one particular character has been dramatically changed. This has been borne out of the principle of taking the characters (and the audience) to darker places, as it’s only when we’re sat in darkness, can we make sometimes make sense of where the way forward is, where the light is shining from.


More details soon!

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