Plot Planning & Team Serendipity

We’ve had an awesome plot planning session today. Truly epic. The things our fantastic, weird, twisted, overdramatic brains can come up when we meet is simply mindblowing! You know you’ve had a good session when, after an exhausting week and a pig of a day, you leave a meeting feeling totally uplifted. That, just there, is why we write. Music, lyrics and creativity are tremendous healers.

One of the big decisions that we had some flexibility over within the plot, was that the New Year’s Eve opening and closing numbers would be set in a business, a place where several of the characters worked, and that all characters had a link to. It had to be headed up by our villain (more on him later – but he is a thoroughly nasty, self-centered piece of work – if you fancy naming him – head on over to our GoFundMe campaign!) and the type of work really had to help drive the plot and link in well. After many suggestions that were totally unsuitable (banking, printing etc.) #TeamSerendipity member Katy* came up with ‘Magazine’ and whilst this didn’t quite work, it quickly morphed into ‘Newspaper’… and much whooping was had by all!

What to name this newspaper though? This is seriously important, and a decision couldn’t immediately be made. We knew it would have to eventually be a website, this website in fact, so the domain name would have to be available, and that we’d want the fictional newspaper site to document the creation and development of the musical where we could link up all the social media content too. Something that everyone joining Team Serendipity could easily navigate. Tricky. So this was left to stew on for another week.

Anyway, back to the plot. Sam, being a very visual person, drew out a plot map with the characters on, and how they are connected*. You can see a copy of this in the main images on this page, but with all the details removed! Ha! Sorry, we’re not ready to reveal everything yet, but we will start filling in the plot summary bit by bit for you. It really is a great story.

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