Serendipity: Real Life

You may be wondering why there haven’t been any updates for the last month. Well, this is entirely my fault [Chris L]. I’m responsible for posting updates on behalf of the creative team and work on the musical in the last month has been really quite limited. The reason: Serendipity!


From the moment that I started this project and Sam and I began writing it, Serendipity has been at work ricocheting through my life; completely, utterly and, at times, devastatingly so. I’ve had more life changes in the past 5 months than I’d care to wish on anyone in the world and I have never felt more humbled by some of the things I’ve experienced. I’ve been dragged by Serendipity to the highest reaches upwards (yay!) but then also dragged, kicking and screaming, to some of the lowest places. In all, it has been teaching me a lot of life and given me an entirely new perspective on the world. I feel completely in awe at where this journey has taken me so far, and the wonderful new outlook I now have on life. Never before have I felt a creative project, such as Serendipity, become so completely reflected in, and part of, my own life. It is quite profound.


Hence, ladies and gentlemen, why I have been quieter than usual. I needed time. Time to get my head around the series of events that have occurred so far this year. Time to look for the best way forward, for both myself and for the project. Time to live life for once.


Both Sam and I desperately wanted Serendipity to reflect real life and, not only has it done that, but Serendipity has also surpassed expectations and begun to become part of real life. My real life. Not a fictional story. My actual life. One day I’ll tell you all the story of what happens when you get involved with Serendipity. But not right now. All I can say is that I am profoundly grateful to Serendipity and I am very, very excited for the future.


Therefore, I beg a little more patience from you as I get stuck back into the project and power forwards, it shouldn’t be much longer, I hope. In any case, Serendipity has a life of its own now, so I’m anticipating exciting changes ahead.  It knows what it’s doing, even if we don’t at the moment!

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