Serendipity Strikes….Again! (“Scouting Around”)

Last night, #TeamSerendipity decided to kick back a bit and go and enjoy some local theatre. Well, actually, it wasn’t all leisure, as there was an ulterior motive to the night out, namely, seeing and hearing some of the musical theatre talent in Nottingham with an eye to whether anyone might be perfect to join our development cast. It was also a rather nice excuse to go and see a musical of Stephen Schwartz’s that rarely seems to get mentioned these days: Pippin. Who says that researching for a musicals project can’t be fun?!


I’ve never been to this particular theatre before, or seen this particular company perform, but the prospect of a different take on Pippin interested me enough to take a chance on it. It was a chance I was glad I took. Lo and behold, before the show had even started, Serendipity had worked its magic once again. Standing in the theatre bar before the show, I looked up from my drink¬†(well deserved, I might add) and noticed someone I hadn’t seen in ages, who came over for a quick chat. They were there to see the show too and she had seen on social media that I was in the process of writing a musical. “Oh, you should meet the director of the show” she said, beckoning over said person and introducing us. ‘We should have a chat about things’ was the very strong, and positive, feeling I got from our brief chat. Another fortunate encounter…clever old Serendipity.


But what of Pippin? Well, I have to say, from the moment I entered the theatre, I just knew it was going to be a great production. Great performers, great music and brilliant direction. Difficult to fault actually. A very well done to The Cast and to the director Chris Collington.


All in all, a very uplifting and exciting evening. A great performance, some great potential cast members to follow up, and a meeting to arrange with the director. An unexpected bonus was the venue, The Duchess Theatre, which is a small but intimate venue that really has a very good ‘feel’ to it. It may have changed plans. Who knows?


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