Sound and Vision

With very grateful thanks to Louis Gospel, we now have our main image (as seen above). We narrowed it down to a couple of options, particularly with regard to fonts:

In the end we went for the middle one which we thought suited it better. Having got this finally sorted has enabled us to get a few extra things done, and blanks filled in, with related images and banners on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook all complete plus, rather importantly, our own website: .


Things continue forward with yet another set of draft lyrics completed by Sam whilst Chris has got on with the web side of things.

Introductory Video

This is by far and away the biggest event that’s happened this week. I think it’s fair to say that both Sam and Chris were more than slightly apprehensive about filming a interview video that introduces the musical, the plan and the crowdfunding campaign. However, it was genuinely a fantastic way to spend an evening and an awful lot of laughter ensued*.

This video had to serve several purposes, to tell the viewer about the project in general, and explain what they could do to help. Our plan has always been to do things differently and invite people to follow along with the progress of the musical from start to finish, so it’s really important that we didn’t come over as too formal, we want to share this project and journey with you, we want you to feel a sense of ownership of finding something new and watching it grow.

Whatever you can do to help us achieve this will be welcomed with open arms. It simply won’t happen as well without your input. Share our pages on social media, follow us, sign up for updates, tell forward thinking and musicals-loving people all about us, get in touch, and please have a look through our GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to see if there’s anything that we can tempt you with to donate. There’s all sorts of goodies from stickers and posters, promo cast albums, MP3s, USB Drives, through to music commissions and items where you can help name our characters (including the villain!). Everything you can do, we truly appreciate.

In the meantime, back to the video. Now, we might have been shooting a short video but we ended up with 32 minutes of footage to edit, including around 5 minutes of bloopers. If you want to see what Sam and Chris are like on an average day, then watch the gag reel of things that didn’t quite go to plan – it’s on the end of the video at around the 6’40” mark. Enjoy!


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More exclusive secrets involving the video will be revealed on our show USB Flash Drive, available on our funding campaign!

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