Taking Stock

What a month!


For those following the Serendipity ‘real life’ story, it continued to provide surprises and fortunate circumstances again this month, with a most wonderful turn of events culminating in yet another move (hopefully the last one for some time). Anyway, with the move completed again and everything set up, it was yet again back into the swing of things and the time was ripe to take stock of what we’ve done and where we’re going.


Where We’re Going

We’re very proud of how far we’ve come with this project in such a short space of time, especially given that at least two out of the last 6 months haven’t been very productive for Serendipity due to life getting in the way, dramatically. However, we’re on course to achieve what we wanted. But, and this is a big ‘but’, we have some fairly massive decisions to make that will affect the extent of this project. Due to interest in the project, we have the option to significantly expand the scope (and therefore reach) of the musical, however, this may mean rejigging the timeline of what happens when. We also have choice to make on the intended direction of the libretto, given that we have two versions in development and also the potential for yet another. More news on this very soon.


What We’ve Done

We have a considerable amount of material written. Two librettos. Two thirds of the music is written, most of it scored out, a handful of songs recorded as demo versions and most of the rest of the music sketched out. We have a small but dedicated team of people involved in #TeamSerendipity; singers, performers, writers, advisors, backers, designers and suchlike. We also have a growing number of supporters who are following our story and also supporting the fundraising.


What Next?

There are, as mentioned previously, big decisions to make. We would also love to grow the following and start getting as much material out on social media as possible soon, including demo recordings, plot details and video footage of workshops etc.

As soon as we have news, we’ll post about it. It’s going to be soon. It’s going to be awesome!

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