Title change: After it Rains

Big announcement time: we are having a name change! Since the middle of last year, it had started to become clear that there was going to be some potential confusion and clashes with the Serendipity name, on top of this the story tweaks felt like the musical deserved a new title.


Firstly, there was a fairly big Hollywood film called Serendipity released in 2001, starring Kate Beckinsale amongst others, and we’ve now lost count of the number of times someone has asked whether it is an adaptation of that story. “No!” we say, and try to make it obvious on our description, but it’s getting much more sensible to change it for future-proofing against confusion.


Secondly, there has been a small adaptation of the above mentioned film in musical theatre, unofficial and small, but never-the-less, potentially problematic for confusing people.


Last but not least, although our musical had come about serendipitously, and is still a source of great amusement for such moments, the changes to the libretto really were better reflected by not having that title anymore.


So, the musical is now been renamed as: After It Rains¬†and reasons for this will become clear as we fully reveal the plot (besides the allegorical reasoning, what could a musical set in London better have in it’s name than ‘RAIN’!). The old title is being kept alive as we are now developing this musical, and future others, as ‘Serendipity Musicals’ so we can keep #TeamSerendipity going!


So, we’re working on a rebranding, a relaunch of the website and social media plus a new crowdfunding campaign to keep us moving forward. More soon.

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