Turning on the Tap aka ‘Here We Go Again’

Finally, after a lot of upheaval this year, the #TeamSerendipity studio has been set up and we got back to composing this week.


And this brings me to the wonderful thing about being a composer and arranger, namely that if you at writing almost continuously normally, even an exceptional and unexpected break in writing needn’t mean that it’s difficult to get the creativity flowing. I find it like a tap connected to a vast reservoir of ideas. Training and honing your craft can expand the size of the reservoir but you need to keep thinking creatively and hoovering up ideas, feelings, inspiring words, situations and otherwise, basically anything practical and emotional that can keep the reservoir stocked up. So when it comes to it, and you need to pull something out of the bag, you simply turn the tap on and *bam* out comes the creativity. But you’ve got to keep your reservoir tended to, stocked up and looked after.


So, to make a short story longer than needed (whoops, sorry)…the studio is set up. Yesterday was the first writing session in a fairly long while. Sam and I sat down to discuss at what stage each number was at, and the question of the tricky opening number came up. We’d had ideas about it’s content (and already chosen the title/hook line) but the rest was a blank page. 15 minutes later and both the music and the lyrics for the chorus was completed and another few hours or so to work the other details out and record some test ideas.



I love our work, I love the process of creating, and most of all I like that, whatever life throws at you, if you get creative people in a room together, stuff happens.


More news soon.

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