Welcome to the Beginning!

Welcome to the beginning!

Back in 2017, composer Chris Lawry had an idea for a ‘love and lives’ style musical, like a love triangle but a bit more complicated, almost a ‘love dodecahedron’ (as his friend & fellow composer Rob Steadman put it). Whilst this plot would eventually become sidelined, it did kick off a rather serendipitous turn of events.

One of the driving factors was that it was influenced by some of the complicated, often secretive and sometimes tragic yet hilarious love and personal lives of friends and acquaintances. There was something very emotive in these antics that would work well influencing musical theatre plot lines. A great idea, but put on the backburner.

During a Christmas get-together with Sam on 23rd December 2017 (as close to a work Christmas party as musicians get I suppose!), the subject once again cropped up in conversation. ‘Serendipity would make a good name for this’ said Sam and messages about possible plots pinged back and forth on Christmas Eve, not much more was discussed until just after New Year when fate once again came into play* and after some amazingly creative initial meetings regarding the story and direction, it was decided that Serendipity as a musical was too exciting a prospect not to start.

And so, we have arrived here, at the beginning. There is much to do, there is much to tell, but it’s going to be AWESOME!

Follow us and be part of our journey.


* There is much to tell behind our story, including many links back to serendipity as a theme. Some will be revealed in the West End Echo, and some will be exclusively revealed on the Show USB Flash Drives that can be acquired on our GoFundMe campaign! 

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