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We’re gradually getting back up to full speed at #TeamSerendipity and this week has brought the first new song for a while. We have ‘holding places’ for potential songs in our libretto, until the time is right or when all details are fully known, and there has always been a duet song pencilled in for Charlotte and her daughter Leila.


Charlotte, as we’ve previously mentioned, has been totally consumed by her relationship with Harvey, to the detriment that she has almost completely ignored her 10 year old daughter, Leila. This song was planned to be the moment that Charlotte started to realise that her daughter was far more important than anything else and that her future was her family, and not Harvey. A weepy-realisation song, if you will, but quite touching as it needs to really show the hurt, angst and disappointment of a child who just wants her mum.


So this song originally had a working title ‘Mummy can we bake a cake?’ but never got beyond the title, then suddenly this month, Chris L had a musical epiphany, and a full theme came to him along with a few words, the most prominent of which: IMPOSSIBLE. So, in a change from their working relationship (Normally words are written first) Chris sent Sam over the sheet music with just a few words included and said “fill in the blanks can you?”. And so the working title then became the generic “Child Song” for a time until Sam could figure it out.


I’m not sure what she made of the placeholder lyrics:  ‘doo be doo be doo be doo, but it’s impossible, doo be doo be doo be doo but it’s impossible’ etc. etc. but somehow she managed to get it sorted and the song was finished and became, finally, “Impossible To Me“.


We’re hopefully going to get this song recorded in April, and also trial it at a concert, with Leila’s part being sung by yet another new #TeamSerendipity member called……LEILA! (I know, how cool is that? Serendipity or what!?).


Love to you all.

TeamSerendipity xx

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